How to Start Blogging and Get Paid for It

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Blogging started out as a venue for people in the World Wide Web to express their thoughts and just write about anything under the sun. Most of them start out with the purpose of maintaining an online diary but as time goes by, they lose interest in their blogs. Reasons for these vary; some of them are already busy with work and school while others are not really good writers that they run out of fresh ideas to write about.

Lately though, majority of bloggers publish their blogs mainly to earn out it. It may be a paid review, a ghostwriting gig, article writing or simply posting ads in one’s blog.

Choose your blog host

You can either get a free website to host your blog or buy a domain as well. For beginners, it is best to choose those free blog hosts first to avoid spending and paying for domains that may not work in the future. Since some blog hosting sites are for free, you can create blogs simultaneously at the same time and check after a couple of weeks which site gets the greatest number of hits. The blog that gets the greatest traffic can then be the final blog that you’ll maintain and you can eliminate the others.

Decide on which you will focus

After choosing your blog hosting site, it is now time for you to choose what type of content you should post. It is recommended that you start with articles that are of interest to you. One can write better if the topic on hand is something one can relate to. If your blog is personal, make sure you mix it will a little bit of reviews of books, movies and products that you always use. Another way to choose which topics to write about is to know what are the most commonly searched keywords in search engines like Google and Yahoo. If you write articles that are related to these keywords, people will most likely find your blog. More people visiting your blog mean more traffic.

Make use of ads

After establishing your blog posts and traffic, you can already look for banners and ads that you can post in your blog. A good example is the Google ad sense affiliate program and other ads or banners that relate to your blog’s theme. If your visitors click on these ads, that’s extra income for you.

Advertise for corporate sponsors

Advertising for several companies is a good idea for those big time bloggers who already have this reputation that their blogs get thousands of visitors daily. High traffic blogs earn as much as $5,000 by just posting one small banner or ad.

Do some postings

Bloggers can do some postings few for paid blogging networks like and One can review products, websites or include keywords in their blogs. Some of this blogging networks will also take into consideration one’s page rank in search engines.

Be professional

Since blogging is a home-based job, it is still required of you to be professional. Do not just get jobs just because you want to earn more. Bid for projects and take jobs that are of interest to you. If you have a deadline, submit your works on time.

It is also recommended that you pay attention to each blogging network’s disclosure policies, these networks have different polices regarding their required blog posts. Make sure to read and understand their guidelines, rules and policies.


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