How to Make a Concept for Your Avatar

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Most of grew up watching cartoons, some after all the years still love watching them and collecting items that are related to these cartoon characters and shows. Even on the Internet we find ways to represent ourselves, make it unique and stand out from others. The concept of the avatar was then born. An avatar is a graphical representation whether in 2-d, 3-d or animated manner of the person who created it. There are so many ways to create an avatar. There are free programs that you can download and there are websites that offer this service. The avatar’s purpose is to denote that a certain remark is from you in forums and etc. It’s like a signature attached to an email. In this article, we will discuss the first step in avatar making: the concept.

Have an idea where to use your avatar

When you are making an avatar, you already have an idea what it is for (e.g. online game forums, technical forums, anime conventions, etc.). Once you are certain which network it will be used for, use it to cook up a concept. As an example, let’s take a forum for an online game which has these character classes: mage, scout, paladin, rogue, warrior. Let’s say that your character is a warrior. So it would be best to have your character as your avatar. This is a logical choice. Since for a massively multiplayer online role-playing games, the character you create is an avatar that bears whatever name you gave it. Using that character or making a more “cartoony” version of your character makes it more appropriate to use since the other players may have already come across you in the game so whatever you say on the forum gives them the impression that you have the authority or the credibility to give comments since you play the game yourself.

Examine yourself: know your features both physical and your other attributes

Knowing your definitive features is a plus so with knowing your attitudes and tendencies as well. If you know your defining facial or physical attributes will make you think or formulate a good cartoon version of yourself. If you’re into drawing and cartooning, one of cartoonists best tool to draw representations is the power of keen observation. They notice key features in a person’s face and exaggerate them not just to make them look funny but also not to mistake them for anybody else. When making an avatar, you may use this to make the face. If you’re into ninja-based games, you may even put in a small cartoon ninja body and put what you have made as a cartoon version of yourself as the head. Make sure that the ratio of the length of the head to the rest of the body is 1:3. This means that if the cartoons total height is 3 inches, the head’s length is 1 inch.

For the attitude and emotional tendencies, this will be used in animating the avatar. Thee are a lot of programs for you to animate the avatar. But they usually share the same foundations; they are Flash based. Some of them require you to scan a picture or cartoon, put pivot points for animated movement. You may also do so by drawing multiple copies of the drawing and make it move like a regular cartoon.

There are other techniques on how to have a concept for your avatar. The main point is to let it represent who or what you are. You may even let the avatar speak words you cannot do so normally. Another thing that you should remember is to make them stand out.


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