How to Change the Date of a Blog Post in Blogger

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In Blogger, you can change the date of a post at any time. In this way, you can bring old posts from your archive onto the main page or bury newer posts by sending them to the back. This is very useful, for instance, when you want to create an ‘About Us’ or ‘Thank you’ page and link to it from your menu. To stop it from appearing on top of your most recent blog posts or to send it right at the back, you can save it with a date prior to the date of your first post. Unlike WordPress, Blogger doesn’t allow you to create separate pages. However, with this trick, you can get around that. 

Here are the six simple steps you’ve got to follow if you want to change the date and time of your post. 

1. Log into your Blogger / Google account.

2. Go to Customize – Posting – Edit Posts.

3. In the list of posts, go to the post you want to change and click Edit.

4. At the bottom of the editor, you will see Post Options. Click it to expand it.

5. At this stage, you should see two input boxes on the right-hand side with a line above them saying Post date and time. Input your own date and time, respecting the initial format.

6. Click Publish Post and you are done!! 

If you want to create a new post with a different date and time rather than change an existing one, click New Post, write your entry, then follow steps 4 to 6. 


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