Step Wise Procedure On How To Donate A Car To Charity

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Buying and maintaining a car is becoming more and more expensive and taxing day by day. New cars are becoming costly and the costs of repair are soaring high. It is because of these high repair and maintenance costs, people want to get rid of their older cars soon. Also, the older is the car, the lesser is its saleable value. Hence it is better off to sell your old car as soon as possible.

But selling your car is no less tedious a process. Taking time off for advertising, looking for prospective buyers, attending them, negotiating and getting the whole paperwork done require a lot of effort, money and time. However, you can save your money, time and effort as well as get rid of your old car at a fair market price by donating your vehicle to charity. If you want to know how charitable car donations take place, then following steps can help –

How to Donate a Car – Easy Steps

Step 1: Prepare the Title of Your Car: It is important for you to note that car donation services only accept cars with a title. Before selling a car to a charitable organization, make sure that the title of your car is prepared and in your hand.

Step 2: Searching for a Car Donation Service: Now that you have prepared a title of your car, the next step is to search for an organization that facilitates car donation process. Remember, looking for car donation charities is much easy and convenient than looking for prospective buyers. There are many car donation services operating in the United States and looking for the one available in your area can be done in just a click. Look for a car donations service that is classified under 501 (c) (3). It ensures that the car donations service is legal. Verify its status from the IRS Tax Exempt and Government Entities Department.

Step 3: Filling the Application Form: The next step to donate a vehicle to charity is filling of application form. You can call car donations services at their toll free numbers whenever in doubt. You can fill the application form (available online) by furnishing details.

Step 4: Get the Car Picked Up: You can rely on the car donations services for an immediate pick-up. This is usually done in 24 to 48 hours time. Make sure that you ask for the acknowledgement receipt.

Step 5: Claim Your Tax Deductions: The last step is to get your paperwork streamlined. One of the most important documents for claiming deduction is the acknowledgement receipt that contains all information related to your car donation. Almost all car donations services need a time period of 30 days to prepare the relevant paperwork.

Car donation is a simple and less time consuming process. For more information on how to donate a car to charity, one can visit This website provides all that one needs to know about car donation.


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