12 Simple Diaper Rash Treatment

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Baby nappy rash is also know as napkin rash or diaper rash. Its like redness on the skin and the area becomes very sore , red and sometimes broken. It affects the skin under or around a baby`s nappy.

Nappy rash commonly happens when a baby’s skin is exposed to wet or dirty nappies for too long. Urine is sterile (there are no germs in urine). However, germs on the baby’s skin, and in the nappy, change chemicals in urine into other chemicals – such as ammonia, which is very irritating to skin.

Tip Treating diaper rash

  • Change your baby’s nappy as often as you  can so as to keep their bottom clean and dry.
  • When changing your baby’s nappy always clean the bottom with water.
  • Letting your baby stay without diaper for a few minutes helps the rash heal faster.
  • Appling aloe Vera gel on the rash keeps the skin free of moisture.
  • When you keep dirty nappy for a wash , add half a cup of vinegar to the water and rinse the diapers without using any detergents, which might be causing the rash.
  • Petroleum jelly is known to cure diaper rash effectively.
  • Use a mild soap and lukewarm water instead of wipes to clean your baby.
  • Always  let the diaper area dry completely before making your baby wear another cloth nappy and avoid using diapers that have plastic edges
  • Add a little oatmeal to warm water when you are giving your baby a bath.
  • Dry your baby’s bottom gently with a soft towel or cotton-don’t scrub it.
  • The diaper should be of good quality and should not be very tight. The diaper should be good fit to the baby.
  • See the doctor if the rash does not clear up after a few days or if the skin appears broken or oozing. It may have developed an infection.

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