A Quick Visit to London

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London is certainly one of the greatest cities of the world. As the capital of both England and the United Kingdom, London is an important commercial hub and a famous tourist spot. Certainly, there are thousands of different things and places that you love to see when you are in London. In fact, people associate class, heritage, legacy and beauty with London. But, the best evaluation of London can be done only when you come out of the stereotypes. For London has everything to cater to the different tastes of people.

However, there is a common misunderstanding about London. Often people think that the accommodation in such a city would be expensive. However, that is not necessarily the case. Of course there are luxurious hotels in London. The decor of such hotel are flawless and you get a fascinating service here. In every aspect of these hotels represent the English culture blended with modernity. Naturally, your visit to London becomes altogether different and more pleasurable when you are in such hotels.

But not everybody can afford it. However, when you are in London, you don’t have to worry about the availability of budget hotels in London. In fact, there are plenty of London hotel deals that will give you some really good service. The Zetter, The Gore, The Hampstead Guest House, The Beautiful Hotel etc. are a few to name.

Well, there are hotels that are still more budget-friendly. Among such hotels, the names of The Mayflower Hotel, The Arriva Hotel, Reubens at the Palace, Fullers Hotel, etc. are few. If you want to save more money in London accommodation, you can stay in the hostels that offer extremely affordable dormitories. Holland House Youth Hostel, Wake Up! London etc are only a few of them.

Once you secure the ideal accommodation for you in London, it is time now to relish the beauty of the city. Certainly, it will take time as there are thousands of different things that you have to do. Perhaps, the first place to visit is the Buckingham Palace. However, you can enter in only if you visit London within July and September. Inside, you can visit the Queen’s Gallery, Throne Room, State Rooms and other interesting places.

Another fine place to visit is the Westminster Abbey. Built in the Gothic architecture, it has witnessed coronation, marriages and funerals of the British monarch. Apart from this, there are other architectural wonders like The Clock Tower, House of Parliament, London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Bridge Tower.

London has a number of museums and art galleries. British Museum is certainly the biggest and most well known among them. Apart from it, there are the Science Museum, and the world famous museum of Madame Tussaud.

London offers an amazing shopping experience. The Regent Street is the busiest shopping area in London. Apart from that there are other places as well. Nevertheless, the greatest thing with London is the spirit and life that flows underneath this historic city.

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