How to make a strength pure in f2p runescape

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<u>Getting some money to power your power house:</u>

Ok you have made a new account and are off Tutorial Island. Once off the island you will need money to power your pure with armor, weapons and food to train. You can get 10k from the stronghold of player safety and another 10k from the stronghold of security, to know how to get there just use tip. It or runehq they offer help on these 2 strongholds. Once you have the money head over to the grand exchange located in varrock very easy to find just complete the little tutorial and at the entrance and you are ready to move on. Now its time to buy the armor needed so you will need to buy full iron armor with a iron scimitar, next buy a steel scimitar, a mithril scimitar, after that buy a strength amulet or a power amulet. Don’t get any food yet because you won’t need it yet. Once you have all this use your teleport home using the spell you learnt on tut isle. Now you will be back in lumbridge.

<u>Levels 1-10:</u>

Before you do anything you should have the 2 experience lamps that you would have got from the stronghold of player safety, use both of them on your strength so now you would have around 6 strength to start with. Now equip your full iron and iron scimitar, bank your steel and mithril scimitar. Now move on out of the castle and across the bridge and follow the road north till you reach a chicken coop, here you will find level 1 chickens very easy to kill and hit virtually nothing. Turn your combat training on strength and start slashing away at them remember to collect the feathers and the bones they drop you can sell them at the grand exchange later for a good profit. (Keep banking the feathers and bones). Once you reach your target of 10 strength switch training styles to attack training and get your attack up to 5 not more. Now switch your iron scimitar because you can wield steel scimitars now. Get out the steel and bank the iron scimitar.

<u>Levels 10-20:</u>

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Now you can keep killing chickens till you reach 20 strength or you can move on to cows these have good experience at your level but they occasionally hit 1s so you might need some food because you have no defense. Start killing cows I recommend it and this time pick up their hides that they drop don’t take their bones. Train here till you reach 20 strength and 10 attack.

<u>Levels 20-30:</u>

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Now head over to the grand exchange and sell all the cow hides and bones you should get a decent amount of money now so buy some food I recommend you buy around 50 salmon once you have it bank them and head over to edge Ville here you will find a house with men level 2 but hit 1s a lot so the food is a must. Start training on them till level 30 strength and 20 attack, remember keep banking the bones, runes, talismans and coins they drop they will help you a lot for getting you money for player killing.

<u>Levels 30-40:</u>

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Yes you have got this far with no defense or no prayer hopefully. Now you can wield the mithril scimitar that has been waiting in your bank from the start. Now that you’re stronger move on from the men, restock your food to 50 salmons or even more cause you will be training on level 12 minatours in the strong hold of security. Remember to check which level ones you’re fighting before you attack them. Keep killing these and keep banking the bones in edge Ville bank with the iron arrows they drop you can either sell them at Ge or to other players for a profit of course. Keep killing till you get 40 strength and 30 attack.

<u>Levels 40-60:</u>

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Wow you made it this far congrattz. First thing you do know is head over to Ge and buy a adamant scimitar. Restock food again and teleport home go over the bridge till you reach a toll gate pay 10 coins and enter the desert and go south till you reach the palace. Inside you will find al-kharid warriors. These guys are dangerous at no defense because you can get piled buy 4 at once. First thing you do before attacking them is find a safe spot so you are attacked by only 1 warrior at a time. Keep killing them till you reach 60 strength and 40 attack. Once you reach 40 attack stop training attack. And now you can head on over to Ge and get your self a rune scimitar the best scimitar available to f2p players except the corrupt dragon scimitar that vanishes in 30 mins. Once you have the rune scimitar you can either stop training for now or have some fun pkin or you can train your strength more.

<u>Levels 60+:</u>

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Cool you are now a strong pure. Now you have only a few monsters to train on since you are f2p. I really recommend that you start training on giant spiders but you will need a lot of food since the little bugs hit 7s very accurately. You can train here till 70-80 strength or even al the way to 99 if you want that depends on you. Or once you get 80 strength you can move on to lesser demons at Karmaja Island these guys are level 82s so you have to be careful here and they drop a decent amount of coins and rare rune med helms which can be sold for a decent amount. If the demons are not working out you can try the moss giants found in varrock sewers thy drop big bones and a lot of runes and black kite shields which you can sell at Ge too.

Well that concludes my guide to make a f2p strength pure.

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Thank you for reading and have a good time making the pure, and I will be writing a guide on making a melee/range hybrid soon so keep an eye out for it byee.


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