Natural Remedies for Age Spots

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Did it make you cringe when you woke up one morning and you had age spots? Those pesky brown spots didn’t look like freckles anymore!! They had grown and darkened and had somehow gotten out of control! The lighter your skin is and the more that it’s been in the sun over the course of a lifetime, will make you more likely to get age spots. Don’t panic though. If you have a couple of them in unsightly places that you’d like to get rid of, try these tips.

Dab some apple cider vinegar on the spots three times a day. In about four weeks you should start to see some fading of the spot. Remember, just dab a little bit on the spot or you will smell like vinegar all day!

Use Aloe Vera gel twice a day for about a month. Aloe Vera has long been known to improve skin conditions.

Lemon juice has long been used to fade age spots. Dab it on twice a day for a couple of months for results. Lemon juice increases your sensitivity to sunlight, so use care in going outdoors if you are using lemon juice. If you need to be outside, rinse off your skin and apply a sunscreen.

Castor oil is also a known remedy for fading spots. Dab it on twice a day for about a month for results. Take care in not getting it anywhere else due to probable breakouts. Castor oil would be a great moisturizer, but it might clog your pores!

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