How To Remove Eye Make-up Without Expensive Make-up Removers

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Did you know that you can safely and effectively remove your eye make-up with products that you already have around the house? There is no need to purchase high dollar designer brand name creams and lotions. Those products will claim that they are good for your skin and will easily remove your hard core mascara. That may be true, but there are less expensive items that will fill those claims, as well.

Use olive oil. Olive oil will remove even the toughest mascara. It is smooth and gentle on your skin. There are no chemical ingredients and virtually no one is allergic to olive oil.

Baby oil will also remove your make-up. Baby oil was designed to be gentle to baby skin. It smells nice, keeps your skin supple and delays wrinkling around the eyes.

Use baby wipes. Baby wipes are gentle also. They take mascara and eyeliners off in a flash. They were made to be kind to a baby’s behind, so they will be kind to your skin too!

Lotion will also work! Dab a little lotion on a cotton ball and work gently around the eye area and your make-up will come right off!

A little bit of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) will also take your eye make-up off. No need to gunk it on since it’s very thick. Just a dab will do it.

Baby shampoo is a favorite make-up remover of many women. Wet your eye first and then rub a little bit of the shampoo until you have a bit of a lather. The make-up should come right off. No tears either!!

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