Will to Fail

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When you have been told that you will never succeed, that voice could take years to get out of your brain. People’s opinions can have a very damaging effect on the mental growth of a person and on his will to succeed. There are quite a few who never amount to anything in life because they have been discouraged when they could have been completed but we do not live in societies where everybody thinks highly of everyone else. Then there are multitudes of cases  where the parent never had a chance to instruct his own child, the family split up or maintaining a good family nucleus was just not a number one priority.

If the person is allowed to experiment on a project after learning what the elements of the project goal are than he may move towards that goal in the future. Often enough he does not keep up his interest or loses concentration because his focus cannot be maintained or because he had learned that his attempts would hardly amount to anything concrete.

In cases of the youngest of the family who was undesired and felt himself to be a burden to his family, it is difficult for that person to break away from the will not to succeed because he was unwanted in the first place and move towards accomplishing something lasting.In many cases that person allows himself to be guided by his family when he could make adult decisions on his own, like when and how he can promote his ownendeavors. He may also blame himself for being unwanted and that can put a damper on his learning and wnating to succeed like other children.

In more complicated examples where a person blocks his own success, he may even invent scenarios where he satisfies his preconceived notion that his work his unworthy of any notoriety . One person would tell me of how a play done in collaboration with a friend was getting some attention and that he had the desire to rework it. He admitted to depositing it at a theater school but no record of the play was found. When it came down to knowing why the play was not deposited in the first place, he fabricated a story that he found his play next to material which was about to be shredded. He said that he took the play back. It was never deposited at the school which would have liked to perform it, so it could not have been in any danger of being destroyed.Most likely he never wanted to succeed as a playwright, on that account.

When the person always approaches someone else to succeed, he is going to depend on that person, and  he will not succeed on his own. It is as if the person creates an external condition in order to complete his project when all he has to do is rely on himself. In the case of theplaywright , he made no effort to rework the play on his own as he would always approach his colleague on the matter. The latter made significant attempts in adding material and putting the play together but was not the primary author, so the responsibility rested with the person who is most likely waiting for the play to correct itself. He could have taken the situation in hand and marleted the play himself without depending on the other author but he did not. The play is still unrivised and on the work shelf.


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