Reaction on Romeo & Juliet

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I was shocked when they mutually felt true love at first sight and kissed more than once on their first meeting. I felt a fine tremor of excitement when Romeo eavesdropped Juliet while musing the young man she had just met and fallen in love with- himself. If I were Juliet, I would do the same thing and be embarrassed as well as happy. Meeting in secret and deciding to wed is not a good idea for me. Even though their families are enemies, I’m proud of them because they did not consider that a hinder to love each other. Truly when one is in love, he/she does anything- even the craziest thing! Crazy Juliet feigned suicide so that she and Romeo can meet in the family crypt and elope. This is a very foolish idea. On the other hand, Romeo who could not believed, poisoned himself and faced death beside Juliet’s body and upon hearing this; she grabbed his dagger, kissed him and killed herself. What a tragic death brought about by the feuding between their families and by their own passionate temperaments of the fate of the two young lovers.

For me, death is not the solution. One cannot be happy in hell even if you’re with your partner. We have no right to take our own lives. Their love blinded their mentality which was not good. Sometimes, it is important to listen not only to our hearts, but also to our minds. We must balance these two to achieve total happiness.


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