Curves, A Great Exercise Routine for Women

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A lot of women don’t mind exercising. They feel good when they exercise regularly and they know it’s good for them. However, it can be very difficult to stick with a routine on your own. Some people need that extra nudge to stick with the plan. If you want to exercise but need a real plan to stick to, then Curves might be for you.

Curves is a workout experience for women. No men allowed! Curves has what it calls the Curves Circuit. This consists of 13 weight training machines and cool down pads arranged in a giant circle. When you go in, you sign in with the computer and start at any point in the circuit. You are on each machine for 30 seconds and you make two rounds of the circuit. This strengthens all of your muscles groups and amounts to a 30 minute workout.

Each machine is hard wired into the computer and keeps track of your cardio, energy and how many reps you are doing. You are evaluated periodically to assess your progress.

In addition to the circuit, there are stretching exercises, which are recommended, hoola hoops, weighted balls and various other things you can do to add to your circuit routine. These are recommended but not necessary.

You have to be able to commit to three days a week. This is the recommended amount of time for a proper workout. You can, if you choose come in each and every day.

If you have a home schooled child that needs a PE class and if they are old enough to handle the weight machines, try a Curves membership!

Curves is a wonderful atmosphere for a workout. If you want to exercise and need a routine that you can handle, try Curves!

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