NORAD Tracks Santa, and other Christmas Trivia

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Did you know that Norad tracks Santa every year? Norad, North American Air Defense is always poised to keep the skies of North America safe for the public. They not only keep an eye on what’s going on over the skies of the United States, but they keep an eye on what’s going on all over the world! Every December they extend this courtesy to Santa Clause as he makes his way across the world. They pitch in with other countries around the globe to follow and track Santa on his journey, making sure that’s he safe and being ready to assist him if his sleigh should break down or his reindeer get tired. You can follow Santa’s progress on his journey on Christmas Eve at NoradSanta.

Here are some more Christmas fun facts:

The word Christmas means Christ’s Mass.

In 1895, the first electric Christmas tree lights were used.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was invented by Montgomery Ward in the 1930s.

Jingle Bells was originally a Thanksgiving song.

If you got all the presents in the Twelve Days of Christmas, you would have 364 gifts.

It only took Charles Dickens six weeks to write “A Christmas Carol”.

Alabama was the first state to recognize Christmas as an official holiday.

Χριστός is the Greek word for Christ. The common abbreviation for this is X. This is where the shortened form of Christmas came from. Xmas.

More diamonds are sold during the Christmas season than any other.

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