Make a Phone Call to US From European Countries.

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If you had a travel experience to any European countries, you know it is not easy and convenient to make a phone call from any European countries to U.S. back home.  First, cell phone may not be working properly, and if it does, it costs a lot.  Secondly, you may have to use phone in the hotel or public booth.  At any rate, the best way is to buy Phone or Calling Card which will be a lot cheaper than cell phone or collect call. You can purchase Calling Card from many different phone companies or carriers.  Sometimes, it only cost 2 or 3 cents per minute when you use Calling Card. You will find yourself quite embarrassing when you try to make a call back to U.S., but you don’t know how to, or people around you have no idea at all.

  1. You need to purchase Calling card or prepaid phone card.  It is very easy to buy such card. AT&T and CLONECARD are good example phone companies. You may want to visit website below in the resource section and open an account with ease.

  2. If you are using AT&T card, you will find the easy way in the following.  

  3. First, AT&T will give you the DAN (Direct Access Number) for the country you are in.

  4. If you are in UK, you need to dial 0-800-89-0011.

  5. If you are in Germany, you need to dial 0-800-225-5288.

  6. If you are in France, you need to dial 0-800-99-0011. 

  7. Secondly, you need to call your toll free 800 number either for company or your own. 

  8. Thirdly, you need to enter authorization (10 digit card number + 4 digit PIN number).

  9. Now, you can make call to any place.  To US, just enter area code + local 7 digit number.  To other countries, enter 011 + country code + city code + local number.

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