How to spend a wonderful time with City Symphony Orchestra during December Holiday season?

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Visiting the Major City Symphony Orchestra during December Holiday season would be very unique experience.  Symphony Orchestra is something we normally don’t visit that often.  But, during December holiday season, it will be really up-lifting and inspirational experience if you find time to spend with City Orchestra.  Yet, you need know some tips in order to have the most wonderful time with Orchestra. 

First of all, you need to arrive early.  This is not just because of parking issue, you need to have additional time to really enjoy the atmosphere in Symphony Hall – architecture of Hall, Gift store, decoration, Café (European) and reception area where you can buy coffee or a glass of wine.  Please make sure to be inside at least 40 minutes before the start of performance. 

Secondly, you need to bring the binocular and the portable light you can use to read pamphlet for profiles of Orchestra members, conductor, main artist and background history of music.  The more you know about them, the closer you feel yourself while you are listening to the music.  The theme at Orchestra is Harmony and Unity.  You want to be a part of those. 

If the cost of ticket would be a little problem, you may consider to buy the Rush ticket.  Most likely you will be successful in buying the Rush ticket with half of the regular price without fail.  The author never bought the ticket with regular price, but always was able to buy Rush ticket with extremely low price at the ticket window.  The seat assignment sometimes is extremely good – right center of main floor or close to the stage. 

Again, try to stop by café to enjoy either light food or drinks such as wine or coffee.  The atmosphere there is extremely great.  We need to listen to music, a great music (inspirational and up-lifting).


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