studying EE 173

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Our comprehensive exam is scheduled today and I haven’t read much about our lessons. I was planning to finish studying last night but unfortunately, my eyes are so ‘tired’ that they can’t help but rest.. hehe.. so I slept before even starting to read the book.. poor me.

So this morning I waked up this early to study but again temptations (like this) can not be resisted. All I’m doing now is play mafia wars, sorority life and other facebook applications.. and to think, I still have an assignment to work on before the examination. and now I’m starting to get worried.

How can I pass the comprehensive exam if I’m tolerating this attitude.. huhu..

maybe after I write this article I can realize that I’m wasting my time on things that I should not be doing right now.

Lesson: Manage your time properly. I still need to learn this to succeed in what I’m doing.

What else can I say? I still have one hundred words to complete this two hundred fifty-word article and I am running out of words!

Please deal with me! this is my first article and I can not think of what to say. hehe Maybe I would just welcome you and please visit my site anytime and I it would be very much appreciated!

I’m almost there! thirty three words more and I am done!

please pray for me! I really want to pass our exam. this is my only chance since our teacher is going out of the country.

bye for now!


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