5 Great Photo of the Day Websites

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1.  Astronomy Picture of the Day


Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.  This is a great website with some very high-quality pictures of the night sky if you are into astronomy.

2.  National Geographic Photo of the Day


National Geographic Photo of the Day National Geographic magazine has a reputation for great photography.  Their Photo of the Day site has user-submitted photos of very high quality. You can look back through past photos, and the site collects the best of each month into a file so you can look at the best of the best.  If you want, you can download a photo of the day widget so you can get these photos on your website, or there is a feature to download a photo as wallpaper for your monitor if you really like it.

3. Earthshots.org


Earthshots.org Earthshots.org is another great website if you enjoy high quality nature photos.  They have a photo of the day contest, and there are some real gems there. You can look back at past photos here also. You can subscribe to the Photo of the Day by RSS feed or through email as well, so you can have the photos come to you.

4. Photo a Day From Planet Earth


A Photo a Day from Planet Earth is a blog that posts user-submitted photos from around the world.  The quality of the photos here is as high as at the big-name websites listed above, and you can sign up for their RSS feed or join the blog’s email list to get the daily photo delivered to your inbox as you can at Earthshots.

5.  Nature Pic of the Day


Nature Pic of the Day has great photos as well.  These are also user-submitted and nature oriented, as you might guess.  You can rate the photos on this site and leave comments for individual shots if you like.

There are other sites with great photos, but I found these five to have some beautiful, inspiring shots.  I hope you enjoy visiting them.  If you want to use the photos for something you are working on, remember to check the access permissions.  On these sites, the rights are retained by the photographer. Enjoy!


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