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Mysterious Michael

In many ways, the late Michael Jackson is seen as a mysterious individual. Towards the later years of his career and life, controversy was something that was largely associated with the “King of Pop”. Let’s take a closer look at some of the many mysteries shrouding our beloved icon. Before you read on, here a snapshot of all the essential <u>Michael Jackson “costumes”</u> he wore throughout his life.

Michael Jackson Halloween Costumes – Michael and His Oxygen Chamber – Did He Really Sleep In it?
Yes, he did! The $60,000 machine was built and slept in by the late Michael in the hope that he could live up to an old age of 150 (which he sadly did not). Known as the Sechrist 2500B hyperbaric oxygen chamber, Michael was photographed to have slept in the chamber sometime in 1986. The chamber is said to be left in a storage depot somewhere in San Diego and gathering dust.

Michael Jackson Halloween Costumes – Why Did He Have Bubbles As A Pet…Who Is Bubbles?
Bubbles is the name of a common chimpanzee that was adopted by Michael Jackson. Bubbles was said to have been taken from a cancer research clinic in Texas sometime in 1985. While it was said that Michael and Bubbles had gone on to develop a close relationship, the public had different ideas…they had developed the notion that Michael was an eccentric who could not leave his childhood behind…As a result, he was given the name “Wacko Jacko”. What I’d say is…you definitely cannot win them all, can you?

Michael Jackson Halloween Costumes – Did Michael Bleach His Skin?
This is what many failed to see and understand. Contrary to belief, Michael did not really bleach himself on purpose and this has been proven through autopsy. He DIDN’T bathe in bleach. What really happened was he had developed a skin disease which is commonly known as Vitiligo. What happens is Vitiligo caused Michael’s skin to blotch in white spots which ultimately covered his entire skin. He could have bleach or undergo a process known as de-pigmentation to reverse the process of blotching.

Michael Jackson Halloween Costumes – Why Was Michael Known To Have Want To Look Like Peter Pan?
This is a very controversial subject. It has been said that Michael IS obsessed with Peter Pan in many ways. He invites children to his ranch in the hope of reliving his fantasy and obsession to be like Peter. As a matter of fact, many experts has said that Michael bears a strong resemblance to Peter. Download their two pictures and put them side by side…do you see the resemblance. Personally, I couldn’t see where the resemblance (physical looks) was…Would you care to enlighten me? Well, this Halloween, you can buy a Michael Jackson Halloween mask as well as some really cool <u>MJ Halloween costumes</u>.

Michael Jackson Halloween Costumes – Who Is Debbie Roe, Blanket aka Prince Michael?
Debbie Roe is Michael’s ex-wife. Although married, they never really lived under the same roof. As a result, their offspring was believed to be the result of artificial insemination. It was also widely believed that the two children were not Michael’s but he insisted they were. Blanket also known as Prince Michael Jackson II was born on November 2002 and is Michael’s third child.


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