How to Plan a Disney-themed party

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Being a fan of all-things-Disney, you would think it would be easy to plan a party with such a popular theme.  The thing is, once you go through the party supplies that are on the market, unless it is a kiddie party, your options are fairly limited. Here are some suggestions for you for a great Disney party that you can do on your own!

My first stop was to the local dollar store.  I purchased a red table cloth for my table, 4-6 sheets of poster board, a roll of multi-colored party ribbons, paper goods in primary colors, and several round party platters – I chose them in clear and blue.  Depending on how decorative you want to be, this would also be the place for your balloons.  I went with just basic, latex balloons but you can go with the more expensive mylar.

Food is next.  I used chocolate chip cookie dough and sugar cookie dough and made Mickey Mouse shaped cookies.  The key is to roll the dough in to small balls and place them on a cookie sheet in the shape of Mickey Mouse but without touching – this is so that as the dough spreads while cooking, it will mold together in the shape of Mickey’s head.  Sargento makes Mickey shaped cheese sliced (I’ve only ever seen them at Wal-Mart).  I served these on Ritz crackers.  Next up was the fudge brownies with Mickey heads done in marshmallow brownie topping (it comes in a tube) – those were fun!

Decorating:  I covered my dining room table with the red table cloth.  I took the black oak tag and made giant Mickey shaped place mats and placed my large serving platters on top of them.  I used the ribbon and curled it and placed it around the table.  Each of the baked goods was placed on a platter.  I scattered balloons around the house in all of the doorways or wherever I thought it would look decorative.  I used the extra poster board to make mini Mickey ears to put on my candle sticks.

This was a really simple and inexpensive party to put together and it gives you something different than what is out there – like Camp Rock or Hannah Montana.  All of our friends who came are Disney fans and were blown away with the results because it was original.  We used this just for a fun get-together with friends but it would also work with a birthday party.  For extra food ideas, there are tons of Disney recipe sights on the internet that you can refer to and maybe make a favorite recipe from some of the Walt Disney World resorts.  Those are always a big hit!


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