The term CZAR is distasteful and conjures up slavery and our freedom is at risk

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President Obama’s use of the term CZAR is distasteful and conjures up slavery and our freedom is at risk.

I know I am not the first person to raise an eyebrow over the excessive amount of times I have heard President Obama referring giving “prospective” committee leaders the title of CZAR! It is quite a topic on all talk radio and TV shows. The title CZAR should be banned from use in any of our government agencies.  Its meaning according to Webster is, “One with absolute power and authority.” It is derived from a Russian term “tzcar” and from Caesar “Czar”. This is revolting and a threat to our freedom to say the least. Did Mr. Obama skip World History 101?

The term CZAR was first put into use by Russia’s much dreaded leader “Ivan the Terrible”, who plundered Russia’s rich estates, killed their owners and took their land. He (Ivan the Terrible) forced the peasantry to remain in bondage to their new land owners (slavery) HUM.  I am literally “blown-away” to think our president would want the word CZAR to be used with any government official’s title within the United States. So far we have Health Care CZAR, Internet CZAR, and the Environment CZAR,  Green Jobs CZAR, FCC CZAR, Manufacturing CZAR, Car CZAR, Science and Technology CZAR, to list  a few of  the 32 CZARS (soon to be 42).  The list seems to be growing daily. Remember these CZARs will have absolute power and authority.  

I find the title of CZAR to be degrading and is a disgraceful title for any U.S. official, because, of the slavery connotations it dredges up. We have many other honorable titles to call our leaders within the English language, why CZAR. Why do we sit back and allow Mr. Obama to borrow a title originating from a Communist / Socialistic / Soviet (Russia) country? It also has the tones of Marxism! Are we going to be enslaved by the Obama administration? Is this not taking us backwards? Or, are his plans to subvert our Constitutional right to freedom and alter our political structure that has given our country strength for over 200 years? Is the next CZAR going to be the Crime CZAR who will go house to house to rid Americans their right to bear arms…in the name protection!  From whom? From whom, the bad guys or the government

All Americans should be screaming loud and long to make sure that CZAR not be associated with our country and most certainly our countries leaders. To me it conjures up thoughts of slavery! All Americans know all to well how slavery and bondage hurt our countrymen, by the cost in lives to grant freedom for those who were enslaved. Americans should realize these CZARs will have absolute power and authority and the noose of freedom is beginning to be tightened.  Scary, Obama has only been in office for seven months!

These appointed CZARs will have absolute power and authority over businesses, stifling entrepreneurs, free speech rights on air-ways and television (FCC Czar) will be at risk; The “eco-friendly” (Environment CZAR), and will be dictating to us how and what to buy. The Health Care CZAR will dictate our medical needs and when we can receive needed care. The Internet CZAR will have all power and authority to shut the internet down, thus shutting down businesses, stifling their productivity, thus breaching their freedom of speech and for all citizens who use the internet. This is the beginning of Socialism / Communism which is enslavement of the US Citizens by our own government. Our freedom is being stripped, our civil rights will soon have no meaning, nor will the U.S. Constitution. Again, the noose of freedom is beginning to be tightened. Remember he has only been in office for seven months.

Americans need to wake up! WE DON”T NEED 42 plus CZARS running around telling us what to do. Remember CZAR is conjoined with “Ivan the Terrible” a known slave master! So far, several of the appointees have a proven track record to be far left radical extremists. Van Jones is the first to fall; thanks to citizen outcry…there will be more. Another question to ask yourself, “Do we need any of these appointed CZARs? We Americans have had  a great system of “checks and balances” set within our Constitution and they have worked for over two hundred years. I believe these CZARs will upset our businesses and cause many to close their doors as they will not have the freedom to continue in the successes they created.  Businesses (large and small), have been the very back bone of our country and these CZARs will create discouragement for future entrepreneurs. This means that our children and grandchildren will find it difficult going into business, let alone make a living for their families, because of this administration’s history making / record breaking spending spree. Future generations will be indentured to this debt before they take their first breath of life.  Yes, Obama or the next administration will have to raise our taxes and they will be at staggering proportions! Canadians for example, pay 41.75 – 52% of their family income in taxes in most provinces.  This means a moderate Canadian income earner pays the top marginal income tax rate (combined federal and provincial) of 52 percent on an income of just $59,000. However, in the Eastern provinces they pay up to 80% plus in taxes.

What happened to the promises Obama spewed out of his mouth during his campaign for presidency? “CHANGE” is still ringing in my ears, shrink big Government by minimize their spending and remove “ear-marks” and “pork barrel” spending. And, most importantly his promise to not increase our taxes. Who is he fooling?  He must think we are stupid! Is one CZAR going to work by himself? No, he is going to need a full blown committee to help him draft new laws / rules and each state will need committees to work with his CZARs to make sure these rules or laws are enforced.  Smaller government! Yeh, Right! Sounds like “Big Brother” to me!

I am 63 years young, it is the first time in my life that my government leaders have really struck my nerves and I am SCARED of the path that Obama is leading us down. I have never seen so much division in our country’s leaders and the President let alone with their constituents. And, for Nancy Pelosi to call us, “A bunch of Nazis”, because we exercised our freedom of speech is absurd. Americans should be calling for her resignation and not just an apology. Just think, God forbid she could become the president. What are our elected officials doing, they are suppose to be guarding our Constitutional rights. I have voted since I was 21 (legal age at the time for voting). I was proud that Americans elected the first African American to the nation’s highest position. But, at what cost?  I am a proud Republican voter! Note: During this session of Congress, Republicans need go in swinging at the Democrats. You have been hearing through Town Hall Meetings and Tea Parties what your constituents want…GO FOR IT!  LISTEN TO US!

I sent an e-mail to voicing my concerns and received a receipt in return. I know the President will not read it…because it does not speak in his favor and he is “turning a deaf ear” to the concerns of ALL Americans. I feel if this letter is posted in the major newspaper editorials the President might just hear about it or possibly read it. I have spoken to many people about the CZAR issue and all agree this administration is getting out of hand. I am not a “far right extremist” just a grandmother who is concerned about the direction our country is being led. I have heard it said, “Republicans are trying to undermine the President”…it is my opinion and others that he is undermining himself. One can just look at the polls; his approval rating is going down hill like a freight train out of control. His ratings speak volumes…Democrats across the country are dropping their support!  He has been traveling the country making 200 plus speeches, (more speeches than his days in office) trying to convince Americans to approve of his Health Care Reform. Yes we need Health Care reform but not on the backs of tax payers today or in the future. Reform should begin with the insurance carriers by making it affordable for all families, and not dropping you because your health care needs are high or have pre-existing conditions. 

How can he possibly tend to policy making and being our Commander in Chief?  He has given our law makers stimulus packages bills, and the Health Reform bill, and has not given lawmakers ample time to read them. These bills were not written by Congress and debated across the aisle, but by his hand-picked Democratic friends including Nancy Pelosi orchestrating the pen.  He wants his bills rushed through! Is this what we can expect of him when a bill (any bill) is put on his desk for his signature, he will scan his eyes over it and sign it, without looking at the impact it may have on the citizens of the United States.   Well, summer recess is over Mr. President and so is your popularity contest.  

“The above comments are my opinions”.   It is still the 1st Amendment Right to voice your opinion freely.

Susan Crane

Show Low, AZ


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