Emotional Fuel II

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Emotional Fuel

My mental octane boost will keep you Stress free

Your emotional stability injectors clean indeed

My emotional support nourishes all of you

Everyone in town takes notice with compliments

But, I am the one keeping you full of Emotional Fuel

Emotional Fuel

I never made you promises, yet, a promise I became

As long as you keep me happy I’m in the hall of fame

Why should I imagine life without you and me

We are our success you and I are the key to our Dreams

Some opportunities are meant to be missed

On the other Front

Destinies are destined and regrets are guilty impostors

For doing something close to nothing dressed cleverly

In frugal disingenuous didn’t really matter anyways

Vulnerability and Peace not likely best of friends

On the other Front

Where there is trust there is also Peace

Expressions can only reach so far explain so little

Stability mirrors loyalty abating fear induced thwarts

Emotional Fuel

Never can say goodbye…never keeps expectancy alive

On the other Front

Even though I could write to you forever doesn’t suffice

Time in a Bottle want offer pleasure for two in the night

Anticipation worthless yet eager to make this happen

Emotional Fuel

If I was your car I would only crank for you

I would give you 100 miles to the gallon

Un-star would be a primitive plaything

I would keep you at a safe perfect speed

Dare any bump or red light to your heed

Comfort and security advantageous indeed

We would never be accident prone

We could share all seasons for our reasons

Delighting in pulse pulsating Emotional Fuel


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