Morocos lamps

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Moroccan lamps are anything but traditional with their elaborate designs and unique styles but that’s what makes them far more interesting than an ordinary lamp found a most homes. With exquisite detail that is hard to imagine that it is handmade these extraordinary lamps offer something special that should be considered when you are looking to add new lamps in your home.

Many of the Moroccan lamps are made of bronze or brass and take on bulbous shapes that are encrusted with semi-precious stones, colored glass and other ornamental accents. So rich in detail and symmetry these magnificent lamps are works of art worthy of a museum or a royal palace. Interestingly many of these have been designs that were originally used for royalty in the palaces and casbahs of Moroccans hundreds of years ago. Yet the same designs and styles are continued and are used in ordinary homes like yours or mine.

Moroccans feel that their home is their castle and that the furnishings should reflect the esteem they feel for their family and friends. So though some of these gorgeous lamps are very ornate they frequently blend in very well with contemporary or modern and even European furnishings because they are so beautifully made and they add an interesting an alluring ambiance to any room. Moroccans like lots of color and they use it so well and think nothing of having lamps made with vivid colors of red, blue or purple because it complements their brilliantly colored furnishings.

Moroccan lamps can be subdued with wrought iron or bronze used with clear glass but their intricate designs and patterns make any lamp of theirs stand out because of the remarkable craftsmanship and creativity of the artisan who made it. When they add colored glass or semi-precious gems to one of their lamps to create gorgeous patterns that reflect well on the walls of their homes, these lamps tell a story of the history and workmanship that has been handed down through generations of families making the same lamp or pattern for centuries


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