How to Prevent Back pain

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Difficult work, many growth opportunities, loads of fun. This is our present generation. I am in no doubt that, our parents did not earn, work or enjoy this much. However, this standard of living has its own side effects. Increasing mental pressure, untimely and unhealthy food and sitting for long hours at job (sedentary lifestyle) are a few of the most ordinary side effects. Back pain is the first and leading result of these side effects.

Here, this is our honest try to increase out ways to avoid back pain. We cannot keep away from job, our responsibilities etc but we can include a small number of exercises in our schedule that can help prevent back pain. Inactivity or pressure on your back, stomach and thigh muscles cause back pain. Therefore, to avoid back pain we have to exercise to strengthen these muscles. Let us talk about exercises that focus on these muscles and help prevent this back pain.

1. As a child, you might have seen that Wall Chair was a favorite punishment given by any teacher. Now, if you want to avoid back pain do them. Yes, stand straight against a wall with your legs apart (your shoulder length apart). Bend your knees to a 45® angle. That is enough. No need for those perfect 90® that was used to do at school. Hold on in that position for 5 to 8 seconds then move back and relax. Repeat for 8 times (one set) and try doing three sets in a day.

2. Stand like a king, legs wide apart (your shoulder length apart), hands on your love handles (small of your back). Now lean back slowly, as much as you can. Hold on for 8 seconds and then come back to original position and relax. Repeat 8 times (one set) and try doing three sets a day.

3. Lie on your hands and knees. Like a person who is ready to let their child ride them as a horse. Hands should be straight and below your shoulders and knees under your hips. Hold your hips tight, bend your head down and move your back up as much as possible. Like a curve. Hold on for 8 seconds. Relax. Repeat 8 times (one set) and try doing three sets a day.

4. Follow the same above third exercise but now move down your back and your head facing up (to your ceiling). Repeat 8 times (one set) and try doing three sets a day.

5. Lie down on your stomach. Lift one leg as much as you can into the sir without straining yourself. Hold on for about 8 seconds. Then put your leg down and relax. Do the same procedure with your other leg. Repeat 8 times (one set). Try doing three sets a day.

6. Do the same above fifth exercise of lifting legs alternatively but now lying on your back. Try doing three sets a day.

7. Lie flat on your back; raise a leg, so that you can hold on to its thigh. Keep in mind that your other leg should be on the ground completely. Keep your elbows straight when holding the thigh. Hold on for 8 seconds and then relax. Now do the same exercise with your other leg. Repeat 8 times (one set) and try doing three sets a day.

8. However, doing this will definitely help prevent backache. Lie flat on your back with bent knees and feet on the floor. Raise your head and shoulders from the floor and stay for 8 seconds. Then relax back. Repeat 8 times (one set) and try doing three sets a day.

Please remember that you have to do a small aerobic activity (like brisk walking) for around 2 to 5 minutes at least before doing any of the above exercises. Once you incorporate these exercises into your daily routine, you will be healthy, active and will definitely prevent back pain.

Keep exercising and stay healthy.


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