Michael Jackson II

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Michael Jackson II

This is Michael Jackson’s Imaginary Long Distance Friend

This is our Imaginary Story:

Few people knew or realized Michael and I were once

Imaginarily “engaged” yes me and the Gloved One

I didn’t have a problem with Michael‘s Never Land Ranch

After all remember Michael could thrill me more than any

Ghoul could ever dare try thinking of Michael is a Thriller

Since Michael is the Dance Machine and I can’t dance

Life wasn’t so Bad living Off the Wall with the magic

It’s not too hard to Jam imaginary isn’t so Dangerous

Remember the time the rumors of a secret Lady

That was I yes imaginary me In the Closet

Of Course Billie Jean wasn’t Michael’s lover

Recall: Michael and Paul McCarthy argument

The Girl is Mine  

Say…Say…Say…Yes I can imagine forever

ABCis as easy as imaginary 123 doo-ray me

So why didn’t Michael and I get married

I told Michael it was me or the Python

Michael said: Why you want to trip on me

I said: Maybe Tomorrow Michael will change his mind

Fall in love with my charming rhymes

Michael Jackson: She’s out of my life; she’s out of my life

And I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, I don’t whether to

Live or die but it cuts like a knife she’s out of my Life, damn

This decision and curse it right for two years she was here.

Michael Jackson is out of my imaginary life still in my mind

Yes, his sudden death cuts like a knife, he’s out of my Life!

A dedication to some of Michael Jackson’s Top Hit Singles


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