Not An Another Personality Development Article…! Part-1

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Well why a big fuzz about this article?….. What makes it so special than others ?

Well the idea of writing this article sprouted up when I was very frusturated with life and needed some help. I soon began to gather information on “how to live happy” so thought that this would be quit useful for those similar souls like me out there seeking a helping hand. I am sure that these ideas are effective as I have gained a lot out of these, just follow it truly. Remember “if you don’t want to change nobody can change you, but if you wish to change even god cannot stop you..!” so read further and comment on it whether it was useful or not or atleast you liked it or not…..thank you….

<u>Success Warm-Up</u>

When I’am about start this series of articles, a very nice quotation comes to my mind spontaneously

“Past is a history, future is a mystery, but today is a gift that’s why it is called present !!!”

Feel this “present” as a very nice period of time. This is a very nice and enriching part of the cycle of nature. The present is always yours, like currency notes, note of yesterday (or) which I call as paid cheque or tomorrow that is a promissory note.

“A genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration”. Is you have correct inspiration and if you are prepared to do hard work, success id yours….!

Better understand this universal psychology, many people don’t work and they don’t wish that others should work too.  Naturally such people will discourage you. Ensure that you don’t fall into such deadly  traps…..

In these set of articles I am going to write I have tried to explain each aspects of “art of living” your life out……so check out continuously for further parts…..first let me start with a positive affirmation !!!!

<u>Positive Law</u>

Oh ! don’t be afraid, this is not a math puzzle just a law which is followed by great achivers

Let me explain it to you

Positive +negative = Positive

— A positive person when around a company of negatives makes the entire situation positive..!!!

Okay right….but what Is a Positive Attitude?

A positive attitude is simply an inclination or leaning toward the positive aspects of any situation. Thinking positively is not putting one’s head in the sand, nor is it being unrealistic. A positive attitude recognizes the negative aspects of a situation, but chooses to focus instead on the hope and opportunity available within every situation.

So how to be positive?

Right…this is the question that flashes your mind now….go on….

So, the first step to positive thinking is to identify the way you are thinking. You need to recognize the destructive thoughts. Are you a pessimist type of person? Simply try to answer these questions:

1) In a bad situation, do you always expect the worst?
2) Imagine yourself in five years – are you scared?
3) If all your friends tell you about this great movie you simply have to see – you still have doubts?
4) Are your friends pessimistic?
5) Do you worry about things you can’t change?
6) If something good happens, do you think it happened by accident?

Now, if you have answered the most questions with “yes”, you definitely need to change your way of thinking. Here is a great technique to break the vicious circle of negative thinking: sit down for 15 minutes every day for some weeks and write down the thoughts that don’t let you sleep. Next, take a rational look at your notes. Are they true? Mostly there are not. Finally, you can rewrite them in a positive way.

Keep in mind: you don’t need to change yourself as a person. You need to change the way you think of things, the way you look at problems.

Refer other parts for further discussion on these topics to improve yourself….


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