How to Level Up Fast in World of Warcraft

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Start out by deciding which class you want to choose in World of Warcraft. There are many different classes and each one has it’s own special abilities. Choose a class that fits your gaming interest best. Once you have chosen your class, you will need to start completing quests.

Quests are the fastest way to level up in World of Warcraft. If you have a high level friend, you can have them help you complete quests so that you can get easy experience in World of Warcraft. You may run out of quests that you can complete at your current level by doing this so you will have to grind out the rest of the experience to level up and unlock more quests.

Run instances. Instances are dungeons that you can run with a group of people that have many quests in them and give good experience since the mobs are elite. Completing instances is a great way to level up fast in World of Warcraft. Go online and see which World of Warcraft instances are good for your level and try to find groups to run them. You can go to meeting stones and try to find a group for each instance that you want to run.

Grinding. If you have a high level healer friend in World of Warcraft then they can help you grind out experience. Have them follow you and heal you but make sure that they are not in your group so that you do not lose experience. Go around and pull as many mobs as you can and kill them as fast as possible. This will be easy if you have someone healing you because you will not have to worry about dying. Follow these steps and you will level up fast in World of Warcraft.

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