Cure Ringworms (Fast Treatment) – RingGuard versus Itch Guard

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Ringworm is a skin infection caused by fungus. If you take proper precautions and treatment, then it is neither a serious infection nor it is a chronic infection. You can treat the infection within a week or two.

Check out how a ringworm looks: Image from Wikipedia

Being a fungus, anti-bacterial creams and medicines are useless in it’s treatment. But some of the natural anti-bacterial products, like neem leaves, tulsi leaves, haldi (turmeric) etc. are not just anti-bacterial but they have anti-fungal properties too, so these are certainly beneficial against these fungi infections.

These fungi thrive best on skin that is warm and moist, so in tropical countries this is a common problem. And the areas of skin/body that are most often affected are those where maximum sweating occurs. But occurrence of this infection at some other places is also possible, as the infection/fungi spreads across the body, through your fingers/nails whenever you itch the affected area.

So here is what you have to do to get rid of this fungus:

1. Frequently wash your hands with DETTOL liquid soap (Dettol liquid soap is better than Dettol liquid solution or Dettol soap).

2. While taking bath use neem+tulsi+turmeric(haldi) leaves on the infected areas.

3. Finally use RingGuard and not Itch Guard on these ringworms.

By following just these 3 instructions, within a week (actually within 2 days), you will see the improvement. BUT you have to carry on the treatment for at least two/three weeks, as the fungus doesn’t leave your body so soon. Fungi forms spores (seeds) that can survive some of the worst possible environments, so to remove these spores permanently from your body, it will take at least 2/3 weeks.


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