How to Cut A Whole Chicken into Pieces

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Things you will need:

Whole Chicken

Sharp Knife

Cutting Board

  • Go to the store and buy a chicken. Buying a whole chicken is usually cheaper than buying one that is already cut into pieces. Save money and buy the whole chicken.
  • Get a very sharp knife and cutting board.
  • Start by taking the giblet bag out  of the cavity of the chicken. Then I like to start by cutting the wing off. You can do both wings before procedding to the next part or work on one side of the chicken and then turning it over  to the other side. To cut the wing off start with what would be the armpit area and cut upward into the shoulder area.
  • Next go to the thigh, cut where you would call the top of the leg and cut into the hip area and around. You now have what is called the leg quarter.
  • Now take the leg quarter in your hand and bend it in half. Where the knee would be cut down about half. Put your knife in the under side and pull up to meet the cut you made in the knee.
  • Now you will cut the breast are from the back. Start where the wing used to be, insert knife and cut down the side through the ribs. Go to the other side and do the same.
  • With the breast you can cut it into 2 or 4 pieces depending on the amount of people you are serving. You can cut it into 2 fillets starting at the collar bone and split down the middle, or find the wish bone and cut it in half going across what would be the tummy area.
  • Cook the giblets and back area to make soup, noodles or gravy



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