Fiberotomy Procedure

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A Fiberotomy is something I had alot of questions about but did not appear on google alot. The search on google came back with under 10000 results which is not much compared to the internet. Its one of those things that you’d expect to see alot on google if you were going to be having a treatment like this, and i’d assume some of you reading this is because you are going to have this procedure, and are looking for some answers.

Well for those that don’t know, a Fiberotomy is incisions made around your teeth or along your gum line to cut the fibers so your teeth don’t rotate after orthodontic treatment, i am not sure how much this procedure is used and where abouts if its specific to geographical locations only.

The cost i am estimating is rougthly about 5% of how much braces cost, 5% is a tiny percentage, but braces do cost alot and the procedure takes only around half an hour.

Warning: If you don’t want the procedure already and have already been told you may be getting it, you should stop reading as its not a pretty picture.

So some questions you may be wondering are:
What do they do before the procedure?

From my experience, i was given two pain killers (paracetamol – global unbranded term)

How much numbing treatment do I get?

First I was offered numbing gel, available in flavours of chocolate, banana and strawberry.
Second was the local anesthetic. I am recalling over a dozen injections of the local anesthetic. Possibly 15 shots+.

What will i notice during the procedure?

I was told a “tearing sound” But is it really that bad? No, it’s much worse. Try cutting stiff rubber with a craft knife. Its the only other time I’ve heard that sound.

How many pain killers will I be taking?

After treatment I bought some other brand of pain killers and was told by the person who performed this, that its okay to take these two different types together. I took two of these. So I had 4 in 1 hour. To my knowledge (READ THE WARNINGS / DIRECTIONS YOURSELF!) that you cannot take over 2 every 4 hours (of one type of pain killer). Note: two types of pain killers may contain the same thing, so don’t take it unless a professional has said its okay.

How long do the red lines last?

Up to a week after, rinse with warm salt water as directed.

Are my gums okay? They are black.

I had this, Looked really gross. I’m was okay, nothing happened, so I guess its okay. But if you experience this and are worried, call them up.

Can pain still be felt during procedure?

Yes, its very uncomfortable

Can pain be felt after treatment?

Yes, its the worst at this time, the pain is sharp and continues without stopping, it feels like there is no way to stop it, even with 4 pain killers!

Any thing else?

You really have to look after your teeth after, expecially your gums. I damaged my gums and its been swollen and sore, for the last 3 weeks.


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