Few habits of Effective people

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So many people today are gripped with the  sense of the fear . The fear of the future. They feel awfull in work places they are afraid of loosing jobs and their abillity to take care of their family. This awfull feeling often leads to riskless living and person looses the abillity to co-depend with other work.

” I want it right now ” this is what most of people say about money , I want a big house , a big car and best entertaining centre I want it all keeping apart the thing that weather he deserves it or not. So here we go with few habbits that a person should contain to be a winner in his life or lets say to be effective.

1> To be proactive

Most of us take proactive word in he wrong way . we think that it means to take part in all the active things around you, may be they are taking part in society . If you ask me proactive does  not only bound you to be an activist in the scociety but it is a very vast field which includes Stimulus that is abilitty to react to each situation very correctly this will lead you to the response which means response to the stimulus will give you the product which depends on your being proactive. Now to get best result out of yourself you need to be self aware, a bit imaginative, conscious , and most important you must be of independent nature you must not be a narrow minded person if you are then instead of providing you the good results it will show you its bad colours.

2> Begin with the end in mind

Hey hold on dont think that you will end up with nothing at the end . Most important thing is that a person should move on with a positive feeling in his mind . He should be aware of the fact that what will his doing in the society lead to, will it make difference or its just all in vain? If we keep success at the centre we should see wisdom , security , power , guidence at its four corners, or we can say that these four are directly linked to success.

3> Put first things first

Its very much important to realize that what things should be given high priority and what things should be given secondary priority. we should divide our activities into  two parts urgent and not urgent. We should have a long term idea of the plan that we are going to work upon.

So i guess this will help you a lot to be an effective person in your scociety ant a successfull person in your life.

So best of luck.


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