Homonys, bad spellings and scary word usage

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I am always amazed at the wrong spelling of certain words. Words like ‘ware’ as opposed to ‘where’, ‘weather’ as opposed to ‘whether’ and the displacement of the word ‘OF’ as in ‘should OF’, ‘could OF’ instead of the correct usage of ‘HAVE’; should ‘HAVE’, could ‘HAVE’. When did the English language go down the pan, I cringe when I read really interesting pieces of writing only to have it marred by the wrong spelling of the same sounding word, bad spelling or wrong word in place of the correct word. Now, I understand that spelling and homonyms are not everybodys’ strength (maths and some forms of punctuation are not my strength) but it doesn’t take a few minutes to reach for a dictionary to find the right meaning and spelling of a certain word. Facebook and other social networking sites seems to be a hotbed of showing up the illiteracy of people’s spelling and grammer. ‘Hold on’, I hear you say, these sites are for interacting with friends and not for how a person writes or spells, even so, it does show up a vast amount of people that have not grasped, understood or had poor teaching of the English language, (this is discounting those that have any type of deficit such as dyslexia).

Homonyms can be confusing especially when there are more than two spellings and meanings of a word. It can make most people throw their hands up in despair and go for the spelling they know best, but it does pay to learn the right spelling especially when applying for jobs’ and writing CV’s. Imagine reading a really good book by a famous writer and seeing littered all over the pages wrong spellings and grammer errors!

Some homonym bloomers and wrong usage of words and spelling I have frequently come across are:

‘Ware’ instead of ‘wear or where’.

Should ‘OF’ instead of should ‘HAVE’

‘Their’ instead of ‘there’

‘Harve’ instead of ‘half’

The list is endless….

In my despair I have put together a list of nearly a thousand homonyms, the correct spelling, usage and meaning and I aim to enlighten those around me with it. they will either love it, read it and refer to it regularly or throw it at my head….Piece or should that be Peace?


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