How to Find A Wireless Network With Windows Vista

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With Window’s Vista, there is no need to download a program to locate a wireless network.  Window’s Vista networking tools offer many new command line features including finding wireless networks from the command line.

To be able to find wireless networks with Microsoft Vista, you need to open a command window. To open a command window, click on Start (usually in the lower left hand corner of the computer screen) and then click on run. In the run box, type in the three letters: cmd then click on the OK button.

When the command window comes up either type in or copy / paste the following command exactly as shown:

netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid

Then hit the enter key. 

The command window will list every wireless network your computer could connect to and give the following type of information about each of the networks:

SSID: JohnDoeFamily
Network Type : Infrastructure
Authentication : Open
Encryption : WEP
BSSID 1 : 00:14:16:8a:01:03
Signal : 99%
Radio Type : 802.11g
Channel : 6

Basic Rates (Mbps) : 1 2 5.5 6 11 12 24

Other Rates (Mbps) : 9 18 36 48 54

This makes it very easy to find wireless networks with Windows Vista.  It is much handier when travelling to rely on Vista’s built in networking tools than to download hacker type tools such as netstumbler or or programms that could have malicious uses.  If it is a busiess computer, many companies would not allow the download of programs that could even remotely be connected with hacking and hackers.

Let’s hope Windows 7 ad future Microsoft operating systems has such conveniet networking tools!


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