How to Upgrade Desktop Computer Memory

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You may need to research the type of RAM your computer needs. If you do not know, take the computer model with you and they can help you choose the right RAM for your computer. Also be aware some computers need to have RAM inserted in pairs. If you go to Best Buy  ( or Radio Shack, they will help you to choose the right RAM.

Unplug the computer. Just turning it off is not adequate since the power supply powers the mother board even when the computer is off. Remove the side of the computer and lay the computer on its side.

Touch the side of the computer or wear a static strap before removing the RAM or working inside of the computer to discharge static electricity that may destroy the RAM.

Locate the memory chips inside of the computer. Both ends have a clip that needs to be released. Pull out the old chip and look at where the notch is at the bottom. The new memory will need to go in the same way. If you are leaving the old memory inside of the computer and just adding to it, still remove it and reset it since sometimes they loosen inside of the computer.

Place the memory in the slots making sure they go in the same way as the old memory. Push them in until they snap in place then clip both ends. Set the computer right side up.

Plug the computer in and power it up. If it does not power on, power off and unplug. Make sure the RAM is in correctly, snapped in, and clipped in. Usually if there is a problem, it is because it is not snapped in r it is the wrong memory. If it is the wrong memroy, you will need to get the correct RAM.

If everything seems to be working, then in windows explorer, right click ‘Computer’ and select ‘properties’ This should show the total memory now installed.


  • Make sure computer is unplugged and you wear a static strap or touch the metal case to discharge static before handling RAM or working inside of the computer

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