How to Grow A Yuzu (Hardy Citrus) Tree

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Most citrus cannot survive freezing temperature very long. Yuzu is hardy down to 10F ! While most citrus do not come true from seed, Yuzu is widely propagated from seed as well as cuttings. It is also grafted onto rootstock that can increase it’s cold hardiness by several degrees. It grows wild in both Tibet and Central China.

Finding a Yuzu can be a little difficult. Sometimes the fresh fruit (think seeds) can be purchased at Asian groceries. Other options is to purchase the tree from an online nursery although they are hard to find. One option is to go to farmers markets and ask the growers. To be competitive, many farmers have to find a unique crop and more farmers market vendors are obtaining yuzu trees to grow citrus – especially in locations outside of the usual citrus growing areas.

Yuzus need plenty of sun, excellent drainage and regular feeding. If you have clay soil, work it well ad plant the Yuzu on a slight mound. Since it has thorns, choose the location wisely to prevent getting thorned as you walk past. The care is similar to regular citrus trees although if you grow them in the north, choose your location so it received 6 hours of sun a day including in the winter. Like all citrus, the soil should be acidic.

Yuzu  is resistant to disease and pests that are common in less hardy citrus.  They do not tend to get scale which is a severe problem in some citrus growing areas and is common with citrus plants grown indoors in the north.


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