Chocolate Chili Truffles

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Chocolate lovers around the world are always looking for something different. They are not satisfied by the mundane chocolate bars anymore. I am a big chocolate fanatic and I love to try anything that’s new in the chocolate world. I came across this whimsical recipe some time back and to tell you the truth I was a little apprehensive about it at first, but yes I did try it myself at home and it turned out to be great. Soon my family and friends became huge fans of this unique dessert! So if you love gourmet chocolates but do not want to burn any holes in your pocket, this recipe is just for you!


2 cups dark cooking chocolate

Half teaspoon chili flakes

A dash of paprika


Put 2 cups of dark cooking chocolate over a double boiler until it melts and becomes glossy. Take it off the heat and add half a teaspoon of chili flakes in it and mix well. Take a tray and line it with butter paper. Scoop out the chocolate chili mixtures in the shape of small balls and line them up on the tray. When all the chocolate mixture is scooped out sprinkle a tiny bit of paprika on top of each truffle (be careful, only sprinkle a very tiny bit of paprika). Put the tray in the fridge and let the truffles set before serving them to guests.

Surprisingly, the chili only adds a bit of heat to the chocolate and does not make it spicy, making it a unique experience for the taste buds!


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