How to Get Kids To Like Science

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What type of science and what projects is dependent on the age of the children. Even very young children can learn about the moon and look through a telescope. Young children can also benefit from going to the zoo and learning about the animals. Aquarium is also a learning experience for young children. If you live near the ocean / salt water, a trip during low tide where they can explore the marine animals and learn about sea life

Older children would like to learn to build a radio with just a rock! A crystal radio project shows them a little bit about sound waves. It is especially beneficial if they learned to wrap the coil using copper wire and a paper towel roll.

Using a battery and wires to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen will get them interested in chemistry. They can learn how to tell the difference between hydrogen and oxygen when a match is used after collecting the gasses.

Balloons and magnets are also great science teaching tools. Balloons expand or contract based on temperature (refrigerator / heater) and magnets are also fun learning tools.

There are many science projects you can purchase online including petri dishes and equipment to culture bacteria.  A good microscope opens the world of microbiology to children who like to watch the different bacteria move around.

Article in memory of my dad who taught me to love science

1928 – 2009

I’ll miss you


  • explain the science behind what you are doing. Keep it FUN
  • Make sure the projects are age appropriate
  • Safety first

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