How to Improve Older Car’s Gas Mileage

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Changing the air filter can drastically increase mileage by improving the gasoline oxygen your car needs to operate efficiently. Changing the air filter is simple. All you need to do is unscrew the top, take out the filter, and replace it with the new one (following manufacturers instructions)

Checking the tires are extremely important. With the different air pressure outside, tires can lose air. Keeping them at proper inflation can improve gas mileage a 5MPG or more. The pressure the tires should be is embossed on the tire near the wheel.

One of the most overlooked items is the gas cap. If your gas cap is over a few years old, it s best to replace it. They are usually around $5. each (some special ones are more) When my car failed the emissions test for the gas cap, I didn’t think it would make very much difference but it improved the mileage by 10MPG. The reason is that gasoline vapors evaporate when the gas cap is not sealed adequately.

Oil change is very important to keep friction from requiring more fuel. While oil changes are easy to do, it is quicker and less expensive to go to a Jiffy Lube, penzoil, or another oil change facility. If you do it yourself, you will also need a container to drain the oil in and will need to properly dispose of the motor oil in an environmentally friendly way.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always follow manufacturer instructions
  • With an old Chevy truck, you will ALWAYS get 10 MPG no matter what you do or what you are hauling. Trying to improve gas mileage on this vehicle is pointless (I’ve tried EVERYTHING!)

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