How to Get An International Drivers Permit (License)

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The International Drivers Permit is valid in over 150 countries. It is a supplement to your drivers license – not a replacement. It is available to anyone over age of 18 who has a state issued drivers license although it is not valid in your home country.  You need to carry your drivers license in order for the international drivers licence (permit) to be valid.

You can fill out the form and send it in with the $15.00 fee and two passport photos or go to any AAA (American Automobile Association) office and have them process the application and you can get the drivers permit as you wait. The offices can also take the passport photos for the drivers permit while you are there.  They take the information off of your drivers license.  It is a supplement booklet that is printed in several different languages and your picture is attached inside along with the information from your state issued drivers license.

If you get the photos taken at the AAA office, the whole process may take 15-20 minutes after which time you will receive your International Drivers Permit


  • Even if you do not plan on driving when out of the country, it is always nice to have that option as well as another form of ID.
  • Always take your drivers license with you and keep other forms of ID separate from your passport in case your passport is lost or stolen
  • Lots of scam sites try to sell you International Drivers Licenses. AAA is safe and authorized by the U.S. government



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