Too Much Freedom Could Hurt

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Some people cry for freedom. Some men and women even fought and died to have it. And there are more who are willing to do anything just to get it. But what is freedom? Is it something that simply allows us to do whatever we want? Is it a gift that can build self esteem? Is it essential to creating a legacy that we can leave behind? Is it a priceless reward to those who are brave enough to fight for it? Or is it something that could actually hurt, belittle and treat somebody disrespectfully? Is freedom something worth having? Is it a blessing or a curse?

Too much freedom means having great power. And too much power can twist the truth and hide what’s real. So, is it right to say that too much freedom could actually destroy a reputation,  ruin a family, tear down a dream, torment a soul and cause a despairing person to die? Is it acceptable to say whatever you want to say just so you could get the attention of the public? Is it right to exaggerate a story or invent a tale at the expense of others just because you have the freedom of speech?

I am a simple person. I don’t know much about the media or the press. But I strongly believe that the media and/or the press can dethrone a king. Because they have freedom, they could easily prey on anyone.  They could influence culture. They could fabricate words, shape opinions, create monsters, send the innocent to prison and worst, curtail the life of a vibrant soul.

Is this what freedom is all about? Is it all right to have freedom so that others would suffer and die? Is freedom really worth dying for? I’m in tears while writing this article; I can’t hold back my tears because of the agony that weakens me. I don’t want to be free if it would mean stepping on others. I would never choose to have liberty if having it would crush a spirit. I would never choose to be free if it could mean imprisonment to someone who can’t hurt anyone. I would rather be quiet if my words could defame songs that inspire many. I wouldn’t enjoy freedom if it would wreck the beat that many truly love to dance to. I would rather be silent than to insult someone who has a big heart and genuine love for others.

I know I’m free to express how I feel. I’m writing this because the life of a very important person has taught me to be careful with the freedom that I have. Too much freedom could really, really hurt. We all should be very careful with our actions and words. The golden rule that Jesus endorsed says that we should do unto others what we want others do unto us. So, if I want to be treated nicely, I should start with the man in the mirror…me.

I’m thankful that there is a supreme being, that is, God, who can protect us from those who abuse freedom. Freedom is good as long as it doesn’t turn us into small devils. God gave us freedom, but he also gave us wisdom to be able to use our freedom in the right way. While others abuse freedom; while the media or the press is busy destroying others with their freedom of expression, let us choose to be silent. God is the source of freedom, but He wants us to be still and know that He is God and that He is in control of all things. If we just learn to be silent, we can find God. And in finding God, we will feel and learn pure and genuine love that could make us strong. And this love could heal the world.


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