How to Get Cheap Dental Care

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Several companies have cut costs by excluding or limiting the health insurance of their employees. Dental care is one aspect in health insurance that has been affected. Some of the employers have even stopped in providing dental coverage and employees sometimes find themselves struggling with the skyrocketing costs of professional dental care. It could even be more difficult for the unemployed. Dental schools may be an alternative. Looking around for cheap insurance plans can also be done.

Set an appointment

When your dentist has drop down your insurance policy, you can turn to dental schools and have them help you out with your dental problems. Dental schools accept most insurance plans. It is recommended to call the school ahead of time so you can set an appointment.

Expert professors

One does not have to worry about dental students practicing on you as they are supervised by expert dentists. These expert dentists are even award-winning doctors and are highly reputable. Do not underestimate dental students as they are not only trained in tooth extraction but also in filling cavities, putting on veneers and doing crowns.

Have it done for free

These students can even offer free dental work during the National Board Exams. In order for them to be provided a license, they need to work on patients that are special cases like having a specific cavity. As they will work on these patients during the exams, a Board examiner is present to supervise. Ask your nearest dental school and ask them on how you can qualify to become a National Board patient.

What to expect

Since student dentists are also studying at the same time, do not expect your appointments to be exactly on time. These appointments may be postpone and expect outcomes that may not be favorable for you. When waiting for a student dentist while on an appointment, bring with you a book to read while waiting as these students also need to wait for their professors to supervise them and check their work.

If the procedure is taking too slow, do not panic. These dental students may be practicing but it does not exactly mean that they are not competent. Speed does not matter for most overseer professors but what’s important for them is a good, clinical result and satisfaction from the patient.

Ask around

In order to know the cheapest dental insurance plan available, ask your co-employees, relatives and friends about their health insurance plans. You can also ask them about the dental services they are getting from their insurance companies. Are the dentists accepting their insurance plans experts in their craft? Is it easy to get an appointment?

Search online

Aside from asking around and going to dental schools, one can browse online. There are sites that may provide one with information about available dentists in your area. You can call the offices of these listed dentists and ask for regular visit and special procedure rates. Most dental insurance companies also provide lists of their accredited dentists with corresponding rates in their websites. In looking for cheap dental clinics, be vigilant and check if these dentists are already licensed to work professionally.

Go for packages

Some dental insurance plans are bundled with other plans. It is recommended to take advantage of these packaged deals as they tend to be cheaper than those that are offered individually.

Take care of your teeth

Dental care may not be necessarily done often but some people need to visit their dentists frequently due to recurring tooth and gum problems. To avoid these unplanned visits, it is wise to take care of one’s oral health.


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