How to Deal With A Narcissistic Mother

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You need to realize that narcissists cannot change. They do not believe anything is wrong with them since they have placed all their problems on their scapegoat child(ren) while focusing all of their good on their “golden” children.

Most likely if you are researching this you are the “scapegoat” as I am in my family. You may wonder how a mother could do and say such evil things about their own child. You may have even believed everything she said while growing up. If you were like me, you blamed your siblings for the evil things she did until you realized at a much later time she was the one that did them to you.

You cannot understand how she could act so good towards your siblings even doing things for them such as loaning them money and buying valuable gifts for them (her “golden” child(ren) ) when she only does the bare minimum for you (the “scapegoat” ) – and does that grudgingly.

One thing psychologists agree on – narcissists can never change. They do not believe they have a problem and have already placed their mental illness  on their scapegoat child(ren) who she calls a psychopath and has repeatedly painted as a mentally unstable neurotic when it is actually her that has the mental problems.

The only way to survive and become happy when in a situation with a narcissistic mother is to cut her and her “golden” child(ren)off from your life as much as possible with the goal of cutting them off 100% with no exceptions (not even emergencies) You will find the more you cut her off the more she will still try and do her evil petty things to you – either directly or through her “golden” children – she will make it extremely hard to escape her abuse because she needs to see you hurt by her. You need to focus on getting away from the abusive relationship and not be sucked back in. I know it’s hard but it is the only way. You are an abuse victim and do not deserve to be abused even by your own family.

I am a (“scapegoat”) victim of a narcissist mother and her “golden” children. No child deserves to be abused by their mother the way I was abused by mine.


  • Do not let ANYONE place their mental illness on you – even if they are family
  • There are many victims of narcissist mothers. Find a support group either in real life or online
  • Get psychological help if you need it – you are an abuse victim and psychological help can help you deal with healing
  • If you are in physical danger – call 911 and get out NOW
  • It is extremely unlikely that nobody in your family will believe you since your mother has told so many lies about you. Don’t count on them – especially her “golden” children who have been trained by her to abuse you



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