The 5 best design sites to start off and to rock on

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I have noticed that most of the users are loving the texture designs for their web blogs, they are coming up with new awesome designs and rocking the web world with new creative web blogs ever. Here I have a list only 5 might be more if I surf through net but as of now I liked and selected only few that is only 5 as best design sites ever. If you look at most of the design sites designers are putting their effort to showcase their creative skills in the market of Web.

I would like to say that just have a look at the below sites which I have listed below and get some inspiration from those sites and try to built or come up with new creative designs in the upcoming year 2009. Cheers! to all the designers who were putting up their effort and launching such a good and beautiful design sites. I am very much impressed and will try to make something by looking the sites, offcourse! I am not a good designer but I do some designs using Photoshop, I can take these as an example and will try to improve my creative skills, what do you guys! say. I am ready to Rock! how about you guys!… Just RockOn!

1. CokeStudio



About CokeStudio:


Coca-Cola believes that music can bridge barriers, celebrate diversity and bring out something greater than the sum of its parts.

Coke Studio brings to you FUSION music in a series of live studio recordings like never before. Fusion is an ambitious concept and the COKE STUDIO session include some of the MOST CHALLENGING music and vocal variations.

Coke Studio will take you on a JOURNEY to the heart of the recording studio (where few have gone before) to share the magic created by the combined efforts and talents of our diverse artists and musicians.

Coke is proud to have created the platform where renowned and upcoming musicians from various genres can collaborate to realize their dreams. We hope the passion behind the show inspires you to achieve what can be perceived as impossible. We hope you enjoy Coke Studio’s first of a kind live sessions as much as we enjoyed creating the experience.

Join us. Experience Coke Studio!





3. myshli



About Myshli:

> is personal portfolio of 29 years old designer Danil Kryvoruchko from Moscow, Russia.





About Drupalcon:


DrupalCon is the official Drupal unconference that attracts the most talented open source developers and innovative web shops in the world and brings them together to share knowledge, make decisions on the future of Drupal, and get to know each other in person.

It’s also the premiere opportunity for Drupal users to learn what they can do with Drupal, find partners for future projects, and meet the people behind the code.


5. Carsonified



Get some inspiration from the above site and Rock On with new designs in 2009, Happy Designing and Happy New Year 2009 in Advance.

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