How to Make Your Relationship Last

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Opinions vary when it comes to asking people on how to make a relationship last. However, it all boils down to building a solid foundation during the early stages of the relationship. The journey to a lasting relationship is definitely not a smooth one and storms may come and go. There are no exact rules to follow in making relationships last but there are certain ways that one can apply to help a relationship last for a lifetime.

Build your dreams together

Couples who last longer build their goals and visualize them together. A shared vision will help bind the couple and work their way to a relationship that lasts. Examples of these shared vision includes buying a house together, taking a vacation for the holidays or even starting a family. By doing this, the two individuals in a relationship does not use the word “I” anymore but are more inclined to use the word “We”. When two people also share their dreams, they are also more likely to make those dreams come true.

Make it a priority

Early in the relationship, the couple may consider each other a priority. However, after a year, most couples tend to take the relationship for granted and put it in the backseat instead. This is where problems start to appear. When one is with a loved one, focus on the person and don’t forget to just relax. Do not allow worries and the stresses of other aspects in life like work ruin your relationship.

Maintain a sexual connection

In a healthy and good relationship, sex is more than just a physical act between the couple. It should be something that the two of you share and it also allows emotional bonding. Who does not want to have sex with somebody they love and care about? It makes both of you feel warm and loved. When a couple drifts apart, sometimes sex can draw them back together.

Reinvent and try to do something new during the act. This is important to avoid treating sex as just another boring and dull activity over the years. The spark should always be there and both partners should always use the art of seduction to add spice to their sexual lives.

Consider your partner as your best friend

In the closest of friendships, trust is important. It goes the same with romantic relationships. Respect should also be present. Just like a best friend, you enjoy doing things with your partner and you don’t have to speak volumes to express what you want to signify. A simple look in the eye will do. A best friend is someone whom you can talk to when you can’t tell it to other people. It should be the same thing with one’s partner.

Through thick and thin

Whatever conflict may come between you and your partner, both of you should be confident that the two of you will get through it. It may be a serious illness, the loss of a home, unemployment, a death in the family or financial troubles. You will never know how strong the relationship is until it is tested by problems and challenges. After the storm and if the two of you are still together, the incident will just make your relationship stronger.

Always have time for yourself

There should be balance between one’s personal life and his or her relationship. Through this, neither partner will feel smothered. Being away from each other sometimes will also strengthen the relationship as solo experiences may be ideas that partners can talk about when they are together.


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