The Architect

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Famous structures and buildings were designed by the architectures and were created by the carpenters. When the building is constructed, the name of the architect will be placed on the building. For example, Mr. Someone is the architect who designed the building, when it is finished, Mr. Someone will get all the credits. He did not mix any cements, he did not put a single block on the building, and he did not lose a drop of sweat for the building but he got the credits.

It is always a critic to the Christian world that the Bible should not be relied that much because it is only written by the Disciples and not by God Himself. It is justified by the Holy Bible itself although some people started to criticize it because they believe that Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, etc, are just humans only. That is indeed true but people did not analyze how it all happens.

The best explanation on the above scenario is the tale of the greatest architect of all time. It is true that God did not write anything about the Bible, but they did not notice that the Bible is about the salvation of all man kind. Just like on the tale, God is the one who had designed the Bible. His disciples, as the carpenters, are the one who worked very hard to compile the Bible with all its chapters and verses. It is God’s Will that it will be them who will write the Bible.

The Holy Bible is the greatest inspirational book of all time. Every page is filled with wisdom, enough to fill your empty heart with God’s love. It is our way to access God’s homepage. It is our personally identifying information to enter His classroom and of course, it is our book.


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