How to Improve Your Grades In College

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ALWAYS attend class and be there early or on time. Sit in the front of the class. Make sure you finish the homework on time and it is as good of work as you are capable of doing. Presentation counts! If work is sloppy, it shows you do not care enough about what grade you get. Make sure you have everything clean, clear, well organized, and looking professional.

Write the name of the class and identifier (IE: CSCI 142 / Java 1) on the name of the spiral notebook for that class.

For every class and every day, date the top of the pages for that day. Write down EVERYTHING the professor says – even if you already know what is being taught and even if you already have it in your notes ten times. Ask questions if something is not clear.

Before the exams, study your notes. If there is something in your notes ten times, it is obvious important to the instructor and will likely be on the exam. Get a good night’s sleep before the exam.


  • Start your homework as soon as it is assigned so if you have problems, you can get help before it is due.
  • Write down assignment and exam dates in your notes so you do not forget the important dates for the class
  • Do your own work. Copying from the internet will catch up to you at exam time.
  • Don’t make the mistake of not writing down things that you already know. Notes are not to write down what you do not know – they are for writing what the professor teaches

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