How to Choose and Install Anti-Virus Software in Your PC

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 One of the main concerns that have to be dealt with by the people who go online and surf the web is the issue of Internet security. Over the years, the threats that these Internet users face have grown exponentially. These threats come in the forms of viruses, worms, Trojans and other malicious type of software. These threats destroy or corrupt your PC’s hard disk drive and eventually make your computer crash. To guard your PCs against these threats, software companies have made Anti-virus software. The question is how to choose the right one for your PC. This article shows you the main points to consider when choosing the right Anti-virus software for you.


The price of the Anti-virus software must be looked into first. There is a wide variety of security software to choose from. Choose the best anti-virus software that you can afford. There are free anti-virus software but their flexibility and the availability of their updates are limited compared to the products that come with premium fees.

 Update Utility

Update utilities are an important component for Anti-virus software. Internet threats are upgraded with respect to their potency, their tendency to remain undetected and their destructive value. Automatic updates for your Anti-virus software are important to be able to stop and block these new threats from invading your computer system.


Software products always have their reviews. Their reviews contain comprehensive analysis of the product’s performance, services and etc. Top analysts, experts in the field and even by regular consumers like you, who have purchased and used the product, compile these for you to consider. Look for forums on the Internet regarding each product. In doing so, you as a consumer are exercising your right to have the product or service that you deserve. Usually, they also put in the pros and cons of the product so you can check whether or not it is the right software for you.

Ease of Use

Choose the software that is easy to use. It doesn’t need to be too technical to be efficient. Some software even has installation guides for easy installation and a set-up guide, which asks you some easy to answer questions. After completing the set-up, the software automatically configures itself to suit your needs according to the preferences you have highlighted upon the set up period.

Technical Support Package

The last thing that you must remember but definitely not the least important is the technical support that the product has for you. The software has manuals that you can print or just read from your screen. These have FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for you to look up if you have issues with the software. Go for the ones that also provide email and chat support and a toll free number. This way, you’ll have multiple options when contacting the software vendor for any concerns you have with the Anti-virus software.

Those are the main areas to look into when choosing the right Anti-virus software for you. Another thing that you must keep in mind is that if you have existing Anti-virus software and you are planning to install a new one, make sure that the old one is compatible with the new one. If not, uninstall the old one first before installing the new Anti-virus. Having two Anti-virus software running a time may cause compatibility issues and make your computer crash. 


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