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Happy Fangtastic Birthday to all the famous celebrities who were born on Halloween. It must be great to celebrate Halloween and birthdays at the same time! Think of the neat parties! It’s fun to think of having cake with candy corn on it or coffin and spider decorations. A Halloween costume birthday party would be amazing! Can you imagine a Halloween Birthday at the Murray household? Do you think Rob Schneider celebrates the two big days together or separately? How about Peter Jackson? Considering the kinds of movies he makes, he probably LOVES having a Halloween Birthday. Did you ever wonder if having a birthday on a big holiday actually affects your personality as you grow up? It probably does.

Here are a few celebrities who were born on Halloween.

Adam Horovitz(Beastie Boy) – born10/31/1966

Brian Doyle-Murray – born 10/31/1945

Dan Rather – born 10/31/1931

David Ogden Stiers – born 10/31/1942

Deidre Hall – born 10/31/1947

Dermot Mulroney – born 10/31/1963

Jane Pauley – born 10/31/1950

John Keats – born 10/31/1795

Julie Dreyfus – born 10/31/1972

Peter Jackson – born 10/31/1961

Rob Schneider – born 10/31/1963

Vanilla Ice – born 10/31/1968

A moment of silence for those who left us on Halloween:

River Phoenix – died 10/31/1993

Harry Houdini – died 10/31/1926

John Housman – died 10/31/1988

AND Vincent Price died on 10/25/1993, not Halloween, but close. It seems fitting since Vincent Price goes down in history as the guy we most want to scare us on Halloween.

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