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Money has got its own definition for everybody.  Some need to live life comfortably and some need for lust.  Love and lust goes side by side when we are having the greed to earn more just for the sake of having more and more to satisfy our ego

Is money everything in one’s life?

Money tends to change the attitude of a person, more so it is the first step in making personal and global transformations. But do we need to change our attitude just for the sake of earning more and more.  I think it will be injust to do so ….with others and with ourselves too.  It will totally spoil your inner soul and will lead you to unwanted hassels and peaceless life.

Money is essential to live but one should not make it as one of the important part of life.  It should be in the requisite q uantity so that it is not taking your peace of mind and energy to the power of infinity.  The lust for earning more and more will make you and  your personality a hub of negativity and restlessness.

Do you really want to be in the peaceless rat race for money or want to live life the way it should be lived with happiness and satisfaction rather than to spoil the life of your loved ones and yourself just for the sake of MONEY.

I think it will be too harsh for us to leave all the relationships aside to earn more by being ruthless and heartless with our loved ones.

What say ?


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