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How to Ease Common Cold Symptoms

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Cold season is fast approaching and with it comes the season for common colds. It’s a known fact that there is no cure for common cold which is brought by exposure to cold virus usually during winter when the humidity is lower. Low humidity allows the virus to stay longer suspended in the air and so you inhale them easily. Common cold usually last for about a week, but can extend up to 3 weeks. A person catches common cold three times a year on the average. Symptoms include runny nose, sneezing, headache, sore throat, loss of appetite, mild body pain and slight fever.

The best way to prevent common cold is to stay healthy. But just in case, don’t be miserable by following simple steps below to ease common cold symptoms.


DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. And I mean plenty! When you are not well, your body consumes a lot of water. So drinking plenty of water rehydrates your body and helps loosen congestion. Stay away from alcohol, coffee, caffeinated sodas, or sugars which worsen dehydration.


DRINK TEA WITH HONEY AND LEMON. This really works! Boil 2-3 bags of tea in a kettle full of water so that you have enough to drink for the day. Allowing it to boil for a few minutes will make a stronger tea rather than just leaving it on a hot cup of water. Pour a cup full and add honey and lemon juice. Tea has active ingredients that demonstrate anti-viral capabilities.


SALT AND WATER. It is annoying to wake up in the morning when you have sore and scratchy throat which is a sign of cold virus infection. Gargling with salt and warm water can ease the discomfort. Dissolve ½ teaspoon of salt in an 8oz of warm water and gargle to temporarily relieve the pain brought by sore throat.

CHICKEN SOUP WITH GARLIC. This is probably the oldest way to relieve cold symptoms. Home made chicken soup or canned chicken soup with garlic provides anti-inflammatory effect that will make you feel better. There’s not much studies conducted but hey, I would feel better with chicken soup even if I don’t have a cold.

FRUITS AND VEGGIES. You need all the important nutrients, most especially the vitamins, to increase your body’s ability to fight common cold virus. Studies show that natural vitamins from fruits and vegetables beat any synthetic supplement available out there in terms of performance.


INCREASE HUMIDITY. It is important to let fresh air inside your room when you have common cold to increase humidity. Low humidity makes your mucus membrane dry and in effect worsens nasal congestion. If you cannot keep a window open, you need to have a humidifier. Just make sure to replace the water regularly and clean it every three days.

REST. You will need a lot of this to help your body recover faster. It is also advisable that you stay at home when you catch a bad case of common cold so as not to spread the virus. Wash your hands frequently, especially if there are other people in the house that might get infected too.

NASAL SPRAY. You can buy an over-the-counter nasal spray to ease stuffiness and congestion if you really can’t take it.

HOT STEAM SHOWER. Turn your shower into a steam room by closing the door and the shower on full hot. Sit inside the bathroom for 10-15 minutes and breathe the steam to loosen up the nose and chest congestion. Do this at least twice a day.

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