Enjoy your green salad!

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Thoushands of people go for vitamin suopliment pills and minerals how ever the real joy of life is that the good things on earth are free like the sunshine which helps us produce vitamin D and that can help absorbing Calcium from our intestine to form our bones. that is even more essential for old people specially menaupause women.but don’t forget to wear your sunglasses and sunscreen!

Vitamin C is another vitamin which is one of the antioxidants, helps reducing free radicals that are harmfull in our body and they can cause aging, cancer and problematic breathing. you do not have to go to a pharmacy to buy supplements of vitamin C as all fruits and vegetables are rich in that for example oranges and citron family, tomato ,parsely and even cucumber and animal liver.

Carotene which is also another important antioxidant is not only found in carrots but also in apricot, spinach and sweet potatoes.caroten can change to Vitamin A in animal and human body and store in the liver. beta- caroten, a form of caroten has been shown to have anti cancer effect.

You can obtain a lot of vitamin B from oath and whole meal.beer is also a source of vitamin B. we have keep in mind that vitamins mentioned are normally harmless in dietry doses however it has been shown that high doses of vitamin A and D can be toxic which normaly never happens in natural doses.

Then in the end better to say an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Wishing you a happy day and enjoy your green salad!


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